TCA9539QPWRQ1 is designed and developed by Texas Instruments (TI). It is a very compatible interface chip. It is widely used in multiple applications in the automotive field. It is one of the most in-demand chips on the market. To buy or learn more popular electronic components, please contact us! ! !

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Product Description

The TCA9539QPWRQ1 is a 24-pin device that provides 16-bit general purpose parallel input and output expansion for a two-wire bidirectional I2C bus. The device operates from a supply voltage (VCC) ranging from 1.65V to 3.6V and supports clock frequencies of 100kHz (I2C standard mode) and 400kHz (I2C fast mode). Output expanders provide a simple solution when switches, sensors, buttons, LEDs, fans, and other similar devices require additional output.

The TCA9539QPWRQ1 generates an interrupt on the INT pin when the state of the input port changes. Hardware selectable address pins A0 and A1 allow up to four TCA9539QPWRQ1 devices on the same I2C bus. A power-on reset can also be generated to reset the device to its default state by power-down and power-up. Additionally, the TCA9539QPWRQ1 has a hardware RESET pin that can be used to reset the device to its default state. This device expander is qualified for automotive applications.


Product Features


•AEC-Q100 (Grade 1): Qualified for automotive applications

•Provide functional safety–documentation that can aid in functional safety system design

•I2C to parallel port expander

•Open-drain circuit active low interrupt output

•Active low reset input

•5V tolerant input and output ports

•Compatible with most microcontrollers

•400kHz fast I2C bus

•Polarity Inversion Register

•Internal power-on reset

•No interruptions when powering up

•Addressed via two hardware address pins for use with up to 4 devices

•Latch output for directly driving LEDs

•Latch-up performance exceeds 100mA, meeting the requirements of JESD 78 Class II specification

•ESD protection performance exceeds JESD 22 specification requirements

–2000V Human Body Discharge Model (A114-A)

–1000V live device model (C101)


Product parameters


technical parameter

Supply voltage (DC)

1.65V (min)

Number of input ports


Number of pins

twenty four

Clock frequency


voltage node

1.80V, 2.70V, 3.30V, 3.60V

Number of inputs/outputs


Operating temperature

-40℃~ 125℃


1.65V ~ 3.6V




Cut Tape (CT)


Product Image




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