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  • More parameters about the KSZ8863RLLI device will be shown to you by XT-ShenZhen! The KSZ8863RLLI is a highly integrated 3-port on-chip switch IC with the industry's smallest footprint. The KSZ8863RLLI device is the best choice for automotive and industrial applications! XT-ShenZhen has always been committed to providing customers with wholehearted service, your satisfaction is our pursuit! If you have more questions about the KSZ8863RLLI device, please leave us a message! Every customer's message will be answered within 24 hours!

  • XT-ShenZhen introduces the relevant parameters of ENC28J60-I ML to you. hoping it is helpful to you! The ENC28J60-I ML device is a Microchip stand-alone Ethernet controller with an SPI interface featuring an industry standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). Microchip designed it specifically for the Ethernet network interface of any SPI-equipped controller. We are committed to solving customer needs and helping customers overcome the problem of supply! We will answer the questions left by every customer within 24 hours!

  • XT-ShenZhen provides you with more detailed information about ATMEGA328P-AU, I hope to help you! In addition to the ATMEGA328P-AU, an 8-bit AVR® microcontroller recommended for automotive designs, it has been tested and qualified to AEC-Q100 requirements and has been designed, developed and manufactured to meet automotive industry standards Robustness, quality and reliability requirements. If you have any need, please feel free to leave us a message, we will reply you within 24 hours! Your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit!

  • As a professional supplier of electronic components, we can provide you with purchasing channels for TPS7B7702QPWPRQ1 devices with favorable prices and high quality. The TPS7B7702QPWPRQ1 device is researched and developed by the world's largest chip manufacturing company. It uses single-channel and dual-channel high-voltage low-dropout voltage regulators (LDOs), suitable for active antenna power supplies for infotainment systems, surround-view camera power supplies, and low-current applications. Application scenarios such as high-side power switches. Welcome new and old customers to XT-ShenZhen® to buy the required products, we will provide you with the most sincere service.

  • TPS1H100BQPWPRQ1 is developed by Texas Instruments (TI). A power switch chip with all-round protection designed and developed. Mainly used for automotive single-channel intelligent high-side switch. It is one of the chips that are currently in short supply. If you want to buy or learn more electronic components that are in short supply from the original factory, please contact us! ! !

  • TCA9539QPWRQ1 is designed and developed by Texas Instruments (TI). It is a very compatible interface chip. It is widely used in multiple applications in the automotive field. It is one of the most in-demand chips on the market. To buy or learn more popular electronic components, please contact us! ! !