ST Microelectronics

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  • XT-ShenZhen has many years of experience in the electronic component supply chain industry and has a large inventory of products! The SPC563M64L5COAY device is a 32-bit Power Architecture MCU product from STMicroelectronics. This product is used in automotive powertrain applications. XT-ShenZhen introduces you the related information of SPC563M64L5COAY device, if you want to know more, please leave us a message! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • XT-ShenZhen has been focusing on the shortage of electronic components for many years, solving the problem of shortage of supply for customers. XT-ShenZhen introduces the relevant parameters of the LM2904YDT device to you! The LM2904YDT device is a low-power bipolar operational amplifier product from STMicroelectronics. It is ideal for automotive and industrial control systems. XT-ShenZhen provides you with LM2904YDT devices, which are guaranteed to be 100% original stock and legal sources!

  • XT-ShenZhen provides you with the original L9679PTR device in stock, if you need more, please contact us! Developed by STMicroelectronics, the L9679PTR device is an advanced airbag IC. It's perfect for low to mid range applications! XT-ShenZhen focuses on solving the problem of component shortage for customers, we will reply customer's message within 24 hours!

  • XT-ShenZhen provides you with the L4949EDTR-E chip that you can buy with confidence! The L4949EDTR-E device is a product designed by STMicroelectronics for the field of automotive control systems. This device is very popular in the market! XT-ShenZhen has more original electronic components from STMicroelectronics. If necessary, please leave us a message below! We will reply you within 24 hours!

  • XT-ShenZhen, who always pays attention to the electronic components market, will introduce the STM32F413VGT6 device to you! The STM32F413VGT6 device is a high-performance basic series ARM Cortex-M4 MCU with DSP and FPU with 1 MB Flash, 100 MHz CPU, ART accelerator and DFSDM, ideal for motor drive and application control, medical equipment, mobile phone sensor sets line, industrial applications (PLC, inverter, circuit breaker), wearable devices, etc. If you have any questions, please leave us a message, we will answer every customer's question within 24 hours! You give us a trust and we are very satisfied with you!

  • Chinese supplier XT-ShenZhen provides you with STM8S207R8T6 chip.STM8S207R8T6is a mainstream enhanced 8-bit MCU product independently developed by STMicroelectronics, with 64 KB Flash, 24 MHz CPU and integrated EEPROM. It offers the following advantages: reduced system cost, robust performance, short development cycles and long product life. If you want to know more, please leave us a message, XT-ShenZhen will reply to your message within 24 hours!

XT-ShenZhen has been producing ST Microelectronics for many years and is a professional ST Microelectronics supplier in China. We aim to provide our consumers with low cost and highest quality ST Microelectronics and look forward to working with a growing number of global brands. In addition, we have obtained some international quality certificates. If you are interested in our products, we will give you a satisfactory price and provide a price list. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit the factory and negotiate.
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