• STM32F429IGT6STM32F429IGT6
  • STM32F429IGT6STM32F429IGT6
  • STM32F429IGT6STM32F429IGT6
  • STM32F429IGT6STM32F429IGT6


STM32F429IGT6 microcontroller is a high-performance DSP product from STMicroelectronics. This device supports a full set of DSP instructions and a memory protection unit (MPU) to enhance application security. This is a very good MCU. XT-ShenZhen® welcomes all new and old customers to cooperate with us. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will answer your questions within 24 hours.

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Product Description

The STM32F429IGT6 microcontroller is a DP-FPU high-performance DSP based on the Arm® Cortex-M7® 32bit RISC core, with an operating frequency of up to 480MHz. The Cortex® -M7 core features an FPU that supports Arm® double-precision (IEEE 754 compliant) and single-precision data processing instructions and data types.

STM32F429IGT6 microcontroller with flash capacity up to 128 KB, flexible external memory controller with up to 32-bit data bus, dual-mode quad-SPI memory interface running up to 133 MHz; also with ROP, PC-ROP, active tampering, secure firmware upgrade Support, secure access mode, security is guaranteed; low power consumption, total current consumption down to 4μA; also has low power modes: sleep, stop, standby and VBAT with support for battery charging.





•Flexible external memory controller with up to 32-bit data bus:

- SRAM, PSRAM and NOR Flash with clock frequencies up to 133 MHz in synchronous mode


•CRC calculation unit

•Up to 168 I/O ports with interrupt capability

•Embedded voltage regulators (LDOs) with configurable, scalable outputs to power digital circuits

•Dedicated USB power supply with embedded 3.3 V internal regulator to power the internal PHY

•1 high-speed Master Direct Memory Access Controller (MDMA) with linked list support

•2 dual-port DMAs with FIFO

•1 basic DMA with request router functionality

•2 watchdogs (independent and windowed)

•Hashing (MD5, SHA-1, SHA.2), HMAC

•True random number generator debug mode

•SWD and JTAG interface

•4 KB embedded trace buffer


Product parameters


technical parameter

memory size


number of digits


Number of inputs/outputs


Working temperature (Max)


Working temperature (Min)


Supply voltage (Max)


Power supply voltage (Min)


Number of pins






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Q: Is your company a new company?

A: No, our company was established in 2014 and has 10 years of experience in supplying electronic components.


Q: Which clients have you served?

A: We provide services and maintain cooperative relationships with many well-known companies, including the top 10 companies in the automotive industry.


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