• TPS54331DRTPS54331DR
  • TPS54331DRTPS54331DR
  • TPS54331DRTPS54331DR


XT-ShenZhen® provides you with information about the TPS54331DR microcontroller, I hope it will help you! The TPS54331DR microcontroller is one of the STM32F03 series of microcontrollers, the STM32F0 series of microcontrollers based on STMicroelectronics ARM Cortex-M0, including the entry-level ARM Cortex™ M0 32-bit RISC core, is a product suitable for low-power applications. If you have a need, we sincerely invite you to cooperate with us, we will provide you with high-quality products and home away from home service!

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Product Description

The TPS54331DR device is a 28V, 3A non-synchronous buck converter that integrates a low RDS(on) high-side MOSFET. The automatic activation of the pulse-skipping Eco-mode feature enables the TPS54331DR device to improve efficiency under light load conditions. In addition, the TPS54331DR device's 1µA shutdown supply current makes it useful for battery-powered applications.

External compensation calculations are simplified under current-mode control with internal slope compensation, while reducing component count while allowing the use of ceramic output capacitors.

A resistor divider programs the hysteresis of the input undervoltage lockout. Overvoltage transient protection circuitry limits voltage overshoot during startup and during transient conditions. A cycle-by-cycle current limit scheme, frequency foldback, and thermal shutdown features protect the device and load from overload conditions.

The TPS54331DR device is available in 8-lead SOIC and 8-lead SOPowerPAD packages that are internally optimized for improved thermal performance.

The TPS54331DR device is suitable for consumer applications such as set-top boxes, CPE equipment, LCD displays, peripherals and battery chargers, industrial and automotive audio power supplies and 5V, 12V, 24V distributed power systems.



•3.5V to 28 input voltage range

•Adjustable output voltage down to 0.8V•

Integrated 80mΩhigh-side MOSFET supports up to 3A continuous output current

•High efficiency at light load conditions using pulse skipping power saving mode

•570 kHz fixed switching frequency

•1µA shutdown quiescent current (typ)

•Adjustable slow start to limit inrush current

•Programmable UVLO threshold

•Overvoltage transient protection

•Cycle-by-cycle current limit, frequency foldback and thermal shutdown protection

•Available in an easy-to-use SOIC8 package or thermally enhanced SOIC8PowerPAD™package

•Use the TPS54331 to create custom designs with WEBENCH® PowerDesigner


Product parameters

technical parameter

Number of output ports


Quiescent Current


On-off level


Input voltage (Max)


Input voltage (Min)


Output voltage (Max)


Output voltage (Min)



Output current


Working temperature (Max)


Working temperature (Min)


Number of pins



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