Texas Instrument

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  • XT-ShenZhen adheres to the concept of efficient work, responds to customer emails within 3 hours, and provides quotations to customers within 24 hours. The TPS929120-Q1 device is an automotive-grade high-side LED driver with a FlexWire interface. It is a product of Texas Instruments. XT-ShenZhen provides you with the relevant parameters of the TPS929120-Q1 device, I hope it will help you!

  • The TPS74601PQWDRVRQ1 device is one of Texas Instruments' products. It is a dropout regulator. This regulator has the performance advantage of an ultra-low 1A output current. So it is very suitable for auto parts applications. XT-ShenZhen provides you with high-quality TPS74601PQWDRVRQ1 original stock, more original Texas Instruments chips, please consult below!

  • The TPS62172QDSGRQ1 device will be brought to you by XT-ShenZhen! TPS62172QDSGRQ1 is an automotive buck converter developed by Texas Instruments. It is ideal for power supply systems and is very popular in the market! XT-ShenZhen thank you for your trust, welcome to read the relevant parameter information of TPS62172QDSGRQ1 prepared for you!

  • The TPS1H100AQPWPRQ1 device sold by XT-ShenZhen is a product independently researched and developed by Texas Instruments. It is a channel car intelligent high side switch. XT-ShenZhen provides you with original spot products, please contact us if necessary!

  • XT-ShenZhen professional supplier provides you with DS90UB962WRTDRQ1 device, guaranteed from the original factory! The DS90UB962WRTDRQ1 device is researched and produced by Texas Instruments. The device is a deserializer hub with good performance. It is ideal for car monitoring systems!

  • The DS90UB947-Q1 device is a dual FPD-Link III serializer product from Texas Instruments. This product supports 1080 video resolution, ideal for in-vehicle systems and surveillance cameras! XT-ShenZhen is selling the DS90UB947-Q1 device, the original factory is guaranteed! Contact us for more original Texas Instruments products!

XT-ShenZhen has been producing Texas Instrument for many years and is a professional Texas Instrument supplier in China. We aim to provide our consumers with low cost and highest quality Texas Instrument and look forward to working with a growing number of global brands. In addition, we have obtained some international quality certificates. If you are interested in our products, we will give you a satisfactory price and provide a price list. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit the factory and negotiate.
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